I’m not sure if I would have ever imagined this day happening. In eight days I graduate from college. It is one of the most exciting times of my life, but I’m also terrified of the unknown future. All I’ve ever done is register for next semester’s classes, is there somewhere I’m supposed to register for the class called Life?

While I undoubtably am more mature, more knowledgable, and more prepared for post-college life, I still struggle to know when opportunities I’m faced with are from God or myself.

We all face decisions, and often let the fear of making the wrong one keep us from making any choice at all. We wait for a divine sign from God—the clouds opening up, a loud, deep voice calling out to us, the leaves blowing on the ground to make a cross to let us know God is there—but aren’t willing to simply dive in and let Him guide us if and when we are wrong.

As followers of Jesus, we have the perfect guide. His plan was never to come to Earth, die on a cross, and leave us to be. He has a direction, plan, and purpose for each and every person, and by seeking the advice and counsel from these five places, I believe we can be more confident that we are in line with God’s plan for our lives.

1. The Bible
John 1 tells us that the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The two are not different, and God will not contradict His Word. Through daily Bible reading and reflection, we can know if God has commanded us to do or not to do something already.

2. The Holy Spirit
When Jesus left this Earth, he told His disciples that they were actually better off with the Holy Spirit with them than they were with Jesus by their side (John 16:7). If we’re praying for guidance, we should be listening for answers because God is with us.

3. Your Common Sense
I like to call this my “spiritual gut.” There is value to our gut reactions as Christians because God lives in us. If God has given us a new heart that desires what He desires, our decisions are going to line up with His plan, and we can trust that.

4. Godly People
One way God guides us is through godly advice. When we live in community with other believers, they can more credibly speak truth into our lives. If you feel like something is from God, ask other people who love Jesus what they think and be receptive to their honesty.

5. Your Circumstances
If you have been praying for clarity on an opportunity, and it changes or something happens that hinders your progress, that can be an indication you are not to pursue that opportunity. Sometimes God uses the circumstances that we cannot control, to lead us in a different direction.

God speaks to everyone in different ways, so be willing to hear His voice, whether loud and clear, or still and small, to help guide you through new opportunities.