Join us as we move our mission from dream to reality.




What is Launch?

Our mission at Compass is to make God accessible to everyone. “Everyone” is a big word because it doesn’t leave anyone out, but it is not an impossible task with God’s help and the participation of every person who calls Compass Church their home. We can make God accessible to everyone in our community and our world by living with open hands and pulling together to launch new churches, new faith communities, and new global mission efforts.

Launch is a 24 month generosity initiative where we will all participate by investing in moving our mission from dream to reality. We will impact our community by outfitting our new building into a launchpad for equipping people to go and make disciples, raising our kids up into a powerful next generation of Christ followers, developing new leaders to discover and fulfill their calling, and launching new churches in our community and around the world. Like a ship being launched to an unexplored planet, we believe there is nowhere that can’t be reached with the love and hope found only in Jesus.

We will not allow fear to limit us. We will not allow the scope of the mission to limit us. We will not allow a lack of resources to limit us. Our generosity over the next 24 months will allow us to launch into the undiscovered future that God has for us, our entire community, and our world.


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