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Don’t Get Wet | MASTERMIND

With everything happening in the world there is something for everyone to be anxious about right now. The problem is that our lives are always moving in the direction of our strongest thoughts. So what do you do when your mind is overwhelmed by worry, anxiety, stress?

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I’m Uncertain. Things Are Weird. How About You?

It seems like the world around us is changing radically. Things seem more and more uncertain from one day to the next. What do we do?

Overcoming Anxiety

Are you worried about what’s happening in the world right now? Fear and anxiety may be normal responses, but we don’t want to live in them. You can trade anxiety for peace. Check out this message Terri shared several years ago on how to overcome anxiety.

Baptism Stories: Taylor

“I grew up in the church as a young kid and was even baptized at 13. But when I lost my Dad at the age of 14 my life went completely off track and I lost my faith. I felt this void in my life that I constantly tried to fill with toxic relationships. Every time I considered going back to church I felt I wasn’t good enough or deserving of God’s love. I felt EMPTY. When I understood the power of God’s mercy and grace my life shifted. The emptiness I felt is now filled with love and peace. I’m reminded daily of how much God loves me when I look back at all the mess he brought me out of and how he has humbled & transformed a person like me.”

How Do We Experience God Without a Place to Do It?

Sunday services have been cancelled due to coronavirus. How should the church be the church and do church things when we can’t meet at a church building?

Coronavirus and the Church

How should the church respond to the coronavirus? Followers of Jesus are facing the same uncertainty and fear as everyone else. We are watching the same news and events unfold. How do we answer to this important question?